Pippa Jamie

Psychotherapist (and Poppy's Mum!)
Pippa Jamie

Animal you identify with: Butterfly
If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world, what would it be?
Face your fears, the more they are avoided the more power they have, once they are faced they will have no power to cause fear and then you can reach your potential with nothing holding you back! 
What is your happiness hack?
There is always a choice on how to think about things , so I try and see things from a positive point of view
Whats your biggest struggle, and what do you do to work on it?
See above ! When things are annoying, frustrating or upsetting I try to see things from another persons point of view, and try to put actions in place so not to have grudges and worry about what other people think
Recommended read:
Philip Pullman his dark material trilogy 
Recommended place to visit: 
Seaside! Any seaside where the sights and sounds are wonderfully exciting and relaxing and the ozone air is healing
On a Sunday morning, we’ll find you...
Сeaning out my hens and then out in the garden !