Ko Im

Meditation Guide, Yoga Instructor, Award-winning storyteller

Animal you identify with: White owl... I'm a hoot! 

If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world, it would be?
Take a breath.

Whats your biggest struggle, and what do you do to work on it? 
I have openly struggled with mental health challenges related to my ego and my emotions. I continually try to accept what is and what isn't, remembering everything is temporary, and the journey is the path. I keep good people around me and remain faithful in my mindfulness practices. 

Recommended read:
'The Monkey is the Messenger' by Ralph de la Rosa and my narrated audiobook 'Broke, not Broken', NY Yoga + Life magazine

Recommended listen:
Sound baths, they're like extra soothing floss for the mind. 

Recommended place to visit:
Bali, Indonesia for peace and magic.

On a Sunday morning, we’ll find you:
...a trifecta of singing at brunch, hanging at brunch and reading or walking in the city. A day of rest and fulfilment...