Stay Grounded Adaptogens


Stay Grounded is the perfect blend of instant coffee and adaptogens, combined to help fire you up without any of the angst. 

Directions for use:

You add one sachet (5.5g) to hot water with or without your fave milk and just sip the goodness. 

What's in it?
Organic Coffee - To kickstart your morning with a hint of caffeine
Organic Ashwaganda - Shown to reduce cortisol levels (which are increased during times of stress)
Rhodiola - Used for centuries to help anxiety and tiredness
Bacopa Monnieri - Protects the brain against damaging oxidative stress
Cordyceps - improve immunityby stimulating cells and chemicals
How does it work?
Coffee - you know the drill, but for the adaptogens, prepare for a little bit of science here:  Adaptogens create resilience in our adrenal functions , specifically the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is a process responsible for balancing stress hormones (like the famous cortisol) and are important in our physiological response to stress.
Why we love it
We are going back to ways of healing that are deep in the lineage of all of us. Everyone has an ancestor that has healed with herbal medicine - we all have a right to claim the use of herbs as  a medecine and reconnect with our roots.