Ultimate Eye-Pillow


Our lavender-scented Sleep Shades are guaranteed to give you an incredible night's sleep whether you use them at home in bed, on a plane or just for a 15 minute powernap. 

Incredible features:

- Infused with lavender to reduce stress and anxiety and help ease you into a deep sleep 

- Soft, cotton back to rest gently on your eyes like a cloud keeping out even the brightest light

- Strong, wriggle-proof headband to keep in place for even the most active sleeper

We love lavender
Did you know that our sense of smell is linked to some of the most ancient parts of our brain? Our olfactory sense is connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain concerned with instinct and mood. IT controls our most basic emotions – fear, anxiety and stress. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and calming properties – it also helps reduce stress and alleviate insomnia.
Soft cotton, strong elastic
The two most important things about the Sleep Shades are that they feel like a dream while you’re sleeping and that they stay on until you wake. Our soft cotton fabric and the strong headband ensure that they’ll stay right in place until the morning.
Dark & Dreamy
The truth is that we sleep better when its dark because light inhibits melatonin (the hormone which naturally promotes sleep). And did you know that even with your eyes closed light can be detected through your eyelids? This means that if your room is light you will sleep badly… enter the HNP Sleep Shades.