Chill the f**k out spray


This spray combines the powerful essence of lavender flowers, cedarwood, marjoram leaves, ylang-ylang petals and just a hint of happiness. We blended these together to create a unique aromatic experience certain to help you chill the f**k out. 

Important Details:

- 30 ml / 1 oz 

Made with 100% natural essential oils

- Pesticide-free, non-GMO and made right here in the USA

All natural baby...
Nature's got all the good stuff so our products are made with 100% natural essential oils, and because there's no need to add any nasties, our products are pesticide-free, non-GMO and made right here in the USA.
We love lavender
Did you know that our sense of smell is linked to some of the most ancient parts of our brain? Our olfactory sense is connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain concerned with instinct and mood. IT controls our most basic emotions – fear, anxiety and stress. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and calming properties – it also helps reduce stress and alleviate insomnia.
How do I use it?
When you are feeling all over the place, take a moment to breathe, spritz and chill. Use on a plane, at your desk, in bed or simply when you need a refresh. Shake gently to release the magic!