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From 'real men' to good men
Describe in 3 words what you think makes a 'real man'. Go on, do it. You fit well into the main western cultural narrative if you described someone wh...
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Fast fixes for anxiety
HNP Guide to: Anxiety - 4 Fast Fixes for When Anxiety Strikes There’s no other way to say it, anxiety sucks. It takes over your whole body and ...
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Why can't I meditate?
Meditation has become quite the buzzword. It does wonders for the mind! While it can dramatically improve our mental state and overall wellbeing, many...
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Mind First
MIND FIRST A high-pitched frequency jolts you into a daze. It’s time to get up. You open one eye, successfully identify the area you need to tap t...
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Medicine for life - Walking
One foot in front of the other. Taking it a step at a time. Pacing things out. The English language is full of images and metaphors related to walking...
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Creating a wellbeing 101 checklist
We’ve all had them. The days where things just aren't going our way, and for whatever reason, the world around us seems intent on providing endless...
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Happier in 10 Steps
How happy are you? Maybe it depends on your definition of happiness. Maybe you’re great already. If so: well done! Maybe there are some very legit r...
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The Breathing Box
The Breathing Box You probably gathered by now that breathing is the ONE. And we've explained to you how to do it right. Now that you have a handle o...
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The easiest life hack in the world
Let’s be real. We’re all doing the best we can in life, but sometimes we just don’t feel that great. Fortunately, your body has a built-in reme...
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