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Posted on 4/02/20

Have you heard about sound baths and sound healers as a way to get yourself into a meditative state lately? We’ve been noticing a trend in our wellness circle where almost every studio is offering some form of sound healing special session or group experience. Being that we’re always trying to bring you the easiest ways to learn about taking care of your mind and getting into a peaceful meditation state, we decided to do some of our own investigating. The research shows that the Tibetan bowls can actually help a person into a deep meditative state (where your brain is operating on the theta brain waves) in a matter of minutes in some cases. May meditators practice meditation for years before having this type of blissed out experience. We wanted to know if this was truly possible.

A recent study has been cataloging the effects of sound therapy, particularly with Tibetan singing bowls, including reduced tension, anxiety, depression and increased feelings of well-being. We all could use a little of that in our lives right about now, and definitely wouldn’t mind an easier way to access this simple peace. So we decided to go to an expert, Abigail Devine who is based in NYC and who was trained by a master in the Himalayas. She treats sound therapy as her healing modality of choice and is a true expert in her field. She welcomed with a warm smile, an amazing amount of energy and a space where we were allowed absolute escape for a few hours. It was almost like going away to a mini retreat spa. Was it worth it? Here’s our report back to you.

Poppy’s thoughts (founder of HNP):

I love love love soundbaths. They are my escape from the world. Ambi Sitham (@alchemyambi) gave me my first ever soundbath and I remember thinking “do I need to wear a swimsuit”! Haha no, I soon found out it’s a word to describe how immersive sound is, as if your swimming in sound and the benefits are outstanding. I’m so thrilled the app now has soundbaths you can listen to at home so please enjoy! I’ve been listening to it every night while in the bath or just before bed, it calms me down and helps me get to sleep!

Celi’s thoughts (COO of HNP):

I’ve now gone to many group soundbath events at various wellness institutions or yoga studios. My first experience with the gong in a small setting was on a trip to China when I was in my MBA program, and it was short but impactful. When I returned to NY I looked for a place where I could continue the experience. This was about 5 years ago. Now it’s becoming more main stream and I try to go when I hear of one popping up. They are lovely and peaceful treats and break up my usual meditation practice. When we decided to try a private session to get the full benefits, I jumped on the chance to compare. I figured, all sound meditations must be the same. I was very much wrong. There is really nothing like having the Tibetan bowl right next to you and creating vibrations throughout your body. You don’t just hear the music, you feel the music. And this feeling, while inexplicable, transports you to another place. I’ve been meditating for many years now, and it has taken me a long time to develop a practice where I feel like I can sometimes achieve a blissful state. With the bowels, I felt like I was transported to a special place that was all my own. I was protected and being healed and cleared all at the same time. Yes it sounds crazy, but the only way I can describe this experience was that I felt

transported. Most importantly, I felt completely refreshed and renewed when I left. I would suggest that all my friends try this, and if you can’t go to a private session, definitely try our online soundbaths that live on our app. Lately I’m listening to one of these a day!

Alexandra’s thoughts (Production Director HNP):

“Look here, this is your body” Abigail Divine holds up a large gold Tibetan singing bowl filled with water. “This is the sound’s effect on your body,” she says as she begins to circle the singing bowl with a wooden type instrument, creating a pleasant, low pitched humming. The surface of the water begins to ripple and jump in reaction from the vibration, seemingly full of life. It’s a flawless metaphor for the way the vibration of sound interacts with your cellular body. I wasn’t new to sound bath meditation - but I had never experienced a 1 on 1 sound healing session that was tailored to me. I fell quickly into a deep, meditative state, feeling the distinction between pleasant tonal sounds and deep, velvety silence between. There was very little room for the internal chatter that can crop up in a regular meditation practice. Although my session was relatively short, I couldn’t tell how quickly or slowly time was actually going - as a New Yorker it is rare that we allow ourselves to lose track of time, so this was a beyond welcome mini-vacation that I can’t wait to revisit. If you can have any sound therapy experience I would say definitely do it.

Experience a soundbath for yourself on the Happy Not Perfect App. Search for Emily Sause and find a sound journey for every season of the year.

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