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Posted on 5/03/18


A high-pitched frequency jolts you into a daze. It’s time to get up. You open one eye, successfully identify the area you need to tap to make it stop and indulge in 9 minutes of negotiation with yourself before the dreaded sound and vibration starts again.

Before you’ve even managed to waddle over to the caffeine fountain, you’ve checked your emails, replied to midnight messages, and the gears start whirring with all the things that the world requires of you in the coming day.

A scroll of social media during the morning ablutions has reminded you of those people you promised to get in touch with and the new look you haven’t yet mastered. Grabbing your exercise gear in a rush out the door, you lament the fact that there aren’t more hours in the day. 

A head full of stuff injected from our device, we now spend more time in a day on a screen than we do sleeping. And we think that the firm body we scrolled past is the answer to our problems, yet we haven’t taken the time to check in with ourselves – the me behind the busy routine; the one who watches all this happening and whose wisdom needs a chance to be heard. Yep, we’re talking about your mind.

Your levels of happiness and wellbeing are shaped by your unique brain circuitry. They are plastic, shaped and moulded by your thoughts, actions and interactions with the world around you. 

This means you can reshape your brain activity and chemistry, decrease negative emotions and increase wellbeing. You just have to put some time into doing it.

At Happy Not Perfect, we decided to do something about it. We did our research, teamed up with scientists, and absorbed a lot of information in the quest to happiness. 

And we’ve got some good news for you: it’s easier than you think!

We’ve put together a series of practices, games and exercises based on your mood to help you refocus your mind that fit into your busy life.

Now think of your morning routine again, and try to picture how much easier everything would be if you didn’t feel that stress when the alarm goes off. If instead of checking your emails you gave yourself a few minutes to relax or even exercise that big old gratitude muscle of yours with our grateful diary. 

Oh and your glutes? Trust us, your whole body will feel SO much better after you’ve taken a few minutes to give your mind some TLC.

The mind is the arena for our thoughts, and our thoughts generate our personal reality. What we think, we experience. What we think, we become.

Care for the arena, make it clean, healthy and safe. Nurture your mind, so that your thoughts will generate a positive reality.

All you need to do is put time into it. Clear the arena from the demands of the outside world, so that your own thoughts are given time and space to play out a naturally positive experience of this beautiful world.


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