Let’s be real… life brings stress, anxiety, challenges, ups, downs and sharp turns, and we’ve had enough of waiting for things to happen to us - we want to flip the script and be in control of how we feel. So we set up Happy Not Perfect, a brand solely and ‘souly’ dedicated to looking after your mental wellbeing and help you have less stress, better sleep and a calmer mind.


Feeling good is an inside and an outside job. Our app handles the inside part, but we also wanted to give you products to help you along that journey. For example – our sleep meditations combined with the Eye Pillow… game-changing.


Using research into positive psychology, neuroscience and meditation and with the help of developers, creatives and our incredible guides we started to create our app and our product range. They (like us) are works-in-progress and is constantly developing and growing with new courses, new products and exciting new experts.

Happy Not Perfect
Backed by science, designed for you, Happy Not Perfect is your go-to place for everything you need to look after your mind in a fun new way.