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On Burnout
Hello, It’s Me, Your Inner Flame! Are you burning out? We all know that combustion, or the fuel burning process, drives cars, cooks food and warms our hands and feet. The more powerful and stable the burn, the more energy it delivers. What happe...
I Would Fry for You
For the record, it’s been over a year since I first had the idea to write this blog about shining a hot, bright light on my parents. However, the more I (read: the voices in my head, aka not the greatest of advisors) wanted to skip it, the more I ...
Are You Having Fun Yet?
When it comes to having fun, I really have to push myself. No, not just during a pandemic, but in regular times, too.  Doesn’t that sound silly?  It’s not that I don’t have fun; I consider my job quite fun and adventurous! And I take great p...
Is Your Balance Low?
What feels better than a day in which all of your to-dos are crossed off the list?  The rare experience of “getting it all done” (especially now) is empowering, thrilling, and deeply satisfying on all levels. But for every day that we feel lik...
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